The Best Co-Working Spaces for Digital Nomads in 2023


The freedom to work from anywhere in the world is not just a dream, but a reality for many digital nomads, like us, in 2023. The advent of technology and rise of the gig economy has uncaged us from drab 9-5 office cubicles, allowing creativity and productivity to flourish wherever we pitch our laptop. However, finding that perfect spot with just the right blend of ambient noise, robust Wi-Fi, and a sense of community can often feel like seeking a needle in a digital haystack. Fear not, fellow indie hackers and nomadic professionals, we’ve trekked virtual mountains and traversed online valleys to bring you a curated list of the best co-working spaces to fuel your wanderlust and your startup dreams. Buckle up as we embark on this global journey of co-working utopia together.

Introduction to Digital Nomadism

Let’s face it, guys – the 9-5 grind just ain’t cutting it anymore. We’re in the age of the digital nomad: an awesome era where jumping on the Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop or setting up your laptop on a sunny beach is all in a day’s work. But it ain’t all mojitos and sunsets – finding the right place to settle in and get some solid work done can be a real challenge.

To tell you the truth, being a digital nomad isn’t just about carving out a perfect Instagram feed. It’s a lifestyle that demands flexibility, stability, and a solid Wi-Fi connection. Enter my lifesaver – co-working spaces. Tons more than just a desk and a plug point, these havens of productivity are a godsend for any wandering web worker. Striking a balance between a professional office setup and a more relaxed freelance pacing, co-working spaces offer the best of both worlds, making them the perfect solution for every digital nomad.

But finding the right co-working space isn’t a walk in the park either, right? You can’t just walk into one and expect to feel at home immediately. Nah, it doesn’t work that way. It’s got to tick a bunch of boxes – a strong, dependable internet connection, a comfortable workspace conducive to productivity, and ideally, an environment filled with like-minded people who understand and respect your need for focus and solitude.

Community is key. In a co-working space, you could be rubbing elbows with a motley crew of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups around the world. Each one has a story to tell, an experience to share, and we can learn so much from being around these folks day in and day out. Trust me, my friend, “It’s not just about the Wi-Fi.”

So let’s toast, fellow nomads, to the countless co-working spaces out there that are changing the rules of the game and making our digital nomad life a tad bit easier. Remember, the world is your office. Let’s keep that coffee strong, those connections stronger, and never forget the joy of our indie hacker dreams.

Top Co-working Spaces for Digital Nomads in 2023

Let’s kick off this journey by opening the door to Bali’s Dojo, a paradise for digital nomads, like us. The enthusiasm around Dojo is understandable, considering its prime location just a three-minute walk away from Echo Beach, giving you a dose of that laid-back island vibe alongside top-notch facilities. 24/7 access to high speed internet, Skype booths for your private calls, air-conditioned workspace, lockers, and even a pool to cool off during those intense coding sessions. Dojo creates a balance for work, rest, and play, all while ensuring you broaden your professional network within its tight-knit community.

When we think of technology, we think of the Silicon Valley, right? So what if we get to work in an environment that mirrors the high-tech vibe yet breaks away from the bustling city’s racket? RocketSpace in San Francisco, my friend, is your new home base. Designed specifically for tech startups and innovators, RocketSpace is an inspiring place to collaborate and work on your next big dream. What’s striking about RocketSpace is its access to a broad network for mentoring, partnership opportunities, and even fundraising events. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Next, let’s catch a plane and head over to the heart of Europe, to the magnificent city of Berlin. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Berlin has quietly but surely become a hub for digital nomads. And in Berlin, your destination has got to be the Factory Berlin. This co-working space is more than just a workplace; it’s an ecosystem designed to bring together the brightest minds. Besides the standard facilities, the Factory Berlin also arranges workshops, panels, social events, and many other formats to ensure its community members get the guidance and inspiration they need.

If the thought of cheap and delicious tacos while you work excites you, you might want to pack your bags for Selina CoWork in Mexico City. Feeling more like a cozy hotel than an office space, Selina CoWork strikes the perfect balance between productivity and leisure. Selina doesn’t just sell a desk, it sells an experience.

Last but by no means least, the growing digital nomadic lifestyle has influenced a shift in the city-state of Singapore. The Trehaus, impeccable with its sleek design, is a family-friendly co-working space that revolutionizes the working parent model. I mean, how often do you come across a workspace that goes an extra mile to take care of your little ones while you work?

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WeWork – Global Presence

When you’re constantly on the go, a solid base to set down your laptop becomes critically important. That’s where WeWork steps up as a game-changer for digital nomads. Their global presence is undeniably staggering, offering workspaces in over 800 locations in more than 35 countries. Wherever your travels might take you in 2023, there’s bound to be a WeWork office nearby.

Now we get into the crux of it: what do these co-working spaces offer? Hats off to WeWork, they seem to nail down what most digital nomads need. Starting with high-speed internet, a vital necessity for us digi-folk, particularly for those like myself who are constantly knee-deep in researching, blogging, and coding.

Don’t forget the utmost importance of comfort. Forget your stereotype of a bland office cubicle, because WeWork is all about creating a vibrant and interactive workspace. Imagine ergonomically designed furniture to keep that workday’s strain at bay, lounge areas to shake off the stress, and an aesthetic that just inspires you to create.

WeWork doesn’t stop there. They’ve rolled the dice on creating a community experience. You might be working solo as a digital nomad, but with WeWork, you’re never truly alone. Their locations often host events where you can mingle with fellow nomads, share ideas, or just chat over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Also worth mentioning, their flexible packages are tailored to cater to your needs. From hot desks you can book by the hour to private offices if you prefer a space all to yourself, WeWork’s flexibility caters impeccably to the unpredictable lifestyle of digital nomads.

A quote from a fellow nomad that sums up the WeWork experience is: *”WeWork makes me feel less like a digital drifter and more like a part of a global community of innovative intellects.”*

WeWork is a brand synonymous with comfort, connectivity, and community. Their global imprint, ergonomic workspaces, and laser-focused approach towards the needs of digital nomads makes them a top pick on the list of best co-working spaces in 2023. My fellow nomads and indie hackers, WeWork has the world covered.

The Hive – Asia

Asia has always been a hot spot for digital nomads, thanks to its moderate cost of living, excellent internet, and exotic locales. But the thing that adds an extra layer of appeal is the availability of some amazing co-working spaces. Top of the list is The Hive.

Those familiar with the nomad scene would nod in agreement that The Hive is no small fish in the pond when it comes to co-working spaces. With locations spread across crucial Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Taipei, The Hive creates comfortable workspaces that makes it easier for you to pack your bags and go. Trust me, as a constant roamer, this sort of adaptability is a game-changer.

The Hive offers a variety of flexible pricing plans suitable for solo workers or small startups. Plans start as low as $20 a day, while monthly fees can range from $50 to a few hundreds, depending on your location and the services you need. Now, ain’t that more affordable than an overpriced apartment and coffee shop hopping?

As a seasoned indie hacker, I’m all about the high-speed internet, quiet spaces for brainstorming, and a close-knit community that The Hive offers. But wait, there’s more to it. The Hive is more than a co-working space; it’s a community. It’s a hall filled with passionate digital workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, you name it. The community’s bustling vibe is an excellent source for networking, collaboration, or finding someone who gets why staring at your code at 2 AM is pretty rewarding.

Add to this, the Hive’s awesome regular events and workshops that provide an avenue to learn, grow, and network. All part of the package that makes The Hive the cream of the crop.

The Hive is not just about the internet and a chair. It’s the community, it’s the events, it’s the networking – it’s the heart of Asia’s co-working spaces. It’s a place that combines comfort, convenience, and camaraderie, making it an ideal choice for digital nomads.

The world of digital nomads is an interesting one, teeming with new experiences, and The Hive just makes it that bit more comfortable.

“Travel. Experience. Work. The Hive.” Words that resonate strong for any true indie hacker and a wanderer like me. The Hive could very well be the next best choice you make.

*Note*: Always ensure to verify prices and offers due to the ever-changing nature of policies and conditions, especially with the unknown impacts of on-going global situations. Be safe, be informed, and keep hacking life in your own indie way.

Spaces – Europe

Setting off in search of the best coworking spaces across Europe, dear digital nomad, will make you realize how much this continent has to offer. Europeans have earned a reputation for their creativity and independence which is reflected in the unique coworking spaces found here. Just like you, an indie hacker and adventuring nomad, they’re driven by curiosity, innovation, and a thirst for freedom.

On this journey, you’ll discover Spaces, a network of coworking spaces featuring state-of-the-art amenities, collaboration-driven environments, and inspirational design elements, spanning from the sunny southern shores of Spain to the fjord-kissed coastlines of Norway.

Starting our European coworking tour in the city of Gaudi’s surreal architecture, Barcelona. Spaces – 22@ is nestled right in the heart of Barcelona’s innovation district, offering stunning views over the cityscape with a collaborative workspace inside. You can find yourself coding your next hit project while basking in glorious Mediterranean light.

Moving northwards, the city of love, Paris has more than just romantic charm to offer. Spaces – Réaumur are situated in the vibrant tech hub of Silicon Sentier, Paris, with a bustling indie hacker community making it an ideal location for networking and collaboration.

When visiting the infamous canals of Amsterdam, a stop at Spaces – Vijzelstraat is a must. Located in a fully renovated Neo-renaissance style building, it’s a place that fuels productivity, inspiration, and boasts an amazing indie community.

Journeying towards the east, Spaces – Bleichenbrücke in Hamburg offers a serene workspace right on the canal. It provides a perfect blend of urban hustle with the tranquility of waterside vistas for the creative mind. You can pitch your next idea while watching boats float gently past the window.

As we continue our journey south, we reach the historic city of Rome. There Spaces – Eur Loft provides an awe-inspiring 360° view of the eternal city. Rome’s indie community loves this spot for its spacious terraces, perfect for brainstorming sessions in the Italian sun.

If you’re heading towards the vibrant city of Istanbul, consider coworking at Spaces – Levent 193. Located amidst the metropolis’ financial district, it offers digital nomads an excellent community network, assisting in weaving connections across the globe one cup of Turkish tea at a time.

Europe’s coworking scene is thriving, and Spaces is at the forefront of this movement, providing customized solutions to the modern-day nomads who live life on their own terms. As an indie hacker venturing into Europe, these Spaces coworking spots would be your ideal workspace, each with its unique touch, stimulating community, and unparalleled comfort.

Selina – South America

As an independent thinker who enjoys the freedom of living on your own terms, you’re always hungry for new experiences and places that feed your wanderlust. Today, let’s take you on a trip to South America. This side of the globe is a rising star in the digital nomad universe, and there’s one co-working brand that’s especially worth a shout-out: Selina.

Selina, if you haven’t heard, is more than just a co-working space. It’s a lifestyle choice for those who wish to blend work, play, and exploration, in places that spell both exoticism and convenience. And South America, with its rich cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes, is one of their most flourishing territories.

Now, let’s dive deeper into why Selina might just become your go-to co-working spot in South America.

What makes Selina stand out in a sea of co-working offerings is its interesting mix of feature-rich workspaces and location-based experiences. Whether you’re in Colombia, Peru, or Ecuador, Selina offers setups that make you feel like you’re not just living out of a suitcase. The spaces foster productivity, with a promise of fast Wi-Fi, cozy workstations, private meeting rooms, and even printing facilities.

Each Selina location is soaked in the local flavor. From locally-sourced food at their on-site bars and restaurants, to a calendar filled with community events, Selina gets you to slip into the South American way of life effortlessly. The living conditions aren’t too shabby either, with a selection that ranges from community rooms to deluxe suites.

The pricing? Surprisingly affordable. Selina wants to make sure that being a digital nomad doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. The memberships plans are flexible, allowing you to pay by the day, the week, or the month. And multiple location access is an added perk if you’ve got the passion for hopping from one city to another, which, let’s admit, most of us nomads do!

If immersion is your style of travel and work is an integral part of your life, Selina’s take on the co-working concept is highly recommended. South America is enticing in its own way, and with Selina, you get a generous dose of all the good parts – the culture, the people, the sights, and yes, efficient working spaces.

Benefits of Co-working Spaces for Digital Nomads

The open road, the endless sky, and the hum of the laptop keys. That’s the life, eh? Being a digital nomad is living the dream, no doubt, but there’s one little issue that keeps coming up—a decent workspace.

And that’s but one reason co-working spaces fit the billing like a hand in glove. Still skeptical? Let’s dive deep into the benefits these wonders of the modern age bring to us location-independent wizards.

Firstly, it’s about Networking and Collaboration. Remember the indie hackathon you attended last year? The buzz, the ideas bouncing around, the collective energy of people driven towards their goals— Oh, what a rush! This is what co-working spaces serve you on a silver platter every day. You find yourself amidst folks who’re nailing the digital gig-style— designers, writers, developers, entrepreneurs scouring the world just like you. It’s like participating in an unending hackathon. Connect, collaborate, and create your masterpiece.

Moreover, few secrets remain secrets in these hallowed halls. You’ll learn about the latest tools and resources being used by your fellow nomads. And in this digital age, that’s pure gold!

Next up, Flexibility. One of our biggest pet peeves as nomads is being tied down. With a co-working space, you waltz in when you wish, sit where you please, and get the creative juices flowing. It’s freedom with a desk and Wi-Fi, deviating from traditional 9 to 5 jobs. No long-term contracts, no stifling office spaces. Perch wherever your whims take you.

Third on the list is Professionalism and Credibility. There are those days when we need to tap into our business bravado, meet clients, have Skype conferences, do something more formal. As much as I love the idea of business meetings at the beach, there’s something to be said about the professionalism a co-working space exudes, impressing clients and raising our credibility a notch or two.

Let’s not forget Cost-Efficiency. Frequenting cafes can add up, and sometimes the Wi-Fi sucks. A co-working space solves this. For a flat monthly fee, get access to a quiet workspace, enjoy high-speed internet, drink unlimited cups of coffee, and bask in your own productivity.

Finally, have you ever felt lone-wolfy while on this nomadic adventure? A sense of community builds in a co-working space. One that understands the challenges we face, and one where our wins are celebrated, our dreams supported. Co-working spaces unlock a world that fuels our creativity, steers our networking, boosts our credibility, saves cash, and fosters a community. A world designed especially for the likes of us – Digital nomads. No more hunting for Wi-Fi or lugging your charger around.


What are co-working spaces? Well, picture this: A tranquil setting, high-speed internet, deskspace filled with like-minded individuals and the freedom to come and go as you please. No, it’s not some dream, it’s the reality for many digital nomads like me. Co-working spaces have become the go-to solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers around the globe.

But, how does one choose the right one? Look no further. Here are some FAQs and their answers about co-working space, the costs, and how to pick the best ones.

First off, what makes a co-working space great for digital nomads? Beyond the basics of strong internet and ample workspace, ideal co-working spaces offer flexibility, community, and resources. Look for places that offer monthly memberships versus long-term contracts. Check if the space hosts regular networking or social events – it’s an amazing way to connect with others on the same nomadic journey. Lastly, resources like standing desks, conference rooms, and even free coffee can go a long way.

So, what about the cost? It varies, widely. Some places might charge around $100 a month while others may run upwards of $400. It all depends on the location, amenities, and the membership plan.

And, is it cost-effective? When compared to renting a traditional office, definitely. But remember, you’re not simply paying for a desk. You’re investing in *an environment that fosters productivity and creativity*.

How does one find the best co-working spaces for their needs? Simple. Identify what you need from your workspace. Are common areas important to you? How about a quiet zone? What’s your monthly budget? Answering questions like these can narrow down your options considerably. Next, look at reviews, preferably from other digital nomads. Online communities and forums provide a wealth of first-hand insights.

Remember, finding the right co-working spaces is not just about the place or the people – it’s about finding a space that resonates with your work style and where you can envision yourself cracking away at your next big project. As they say, ‘Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling’. And who says that feeling can’t come from your co-working space.